About Us

Meet Erik Page, Founder and CEO

Mechanical Engineer, Lighting Scientist, Inventor, Developer, Author, Mentor

Erik Page, CEO of Blue Iris Labs, Inc., is a recognized leader in the field of energy-efficient lighting, test procedures, and research, with broad expertise across many areas including LEDs, fluorescent and compact fluorescent systems, lighting controls, luminaires, as well as photometry.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in building things, and in particular, building things that provide environmental benefits. That was the core motivator to study mechanical engineering, then focusing on energy efficiency.”

In July 2020, Erik created Blue Iris Labs as a pioneer in the lab-grade measurement and control of circadian light systems. The mission — grounded in science — is to use lighting to improve health and increase efficiency in real-world environments.

The most fun I’ve had professionally has always been inventing and creating — kicking around ideas with others to solve real problems. That’s my passion. That’s why I launched Blue Iris Labs.”

In 2008, Erik established Erik Page & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm based in Fairfax, CA, providing clients with technically robust support for various projects related to domestic and international energy-efficient lighting projects.

Leaving academia and starting a consulting firm was a major transition for me. It was exciting to have my own business, but found that the work I typically did as a consultant wasn’t the creative and inventive work that I enjoyed the most. So I started doing this work on my own and this eventually yielded several patents, several research grants, and ultimately the launch of Blue Iris Labs.”

Previously, Erik spent 10 years as a researcher and manager in the Lighting Fixtures Research Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory before establishing the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis, which he co-founded and served as the Director of Engineering for four years.

I was lucky enough to land my dream job upon graduating at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Nearly all of our projects had commercial partners and an expectation that a commercial product would result from our work. I was given a great deal of latitude to explore new concepts and propose new projects.”

About the Team

Collectively, the Blue Iris Labs team has over 50 years of experience in lighting science and photometry, embedded systems, cloud computing, sensors, and healthcare devices.

Our team currently includes a lighting scientist (Erik), two computer scientists, an expert programmer, and an Architect/MBA. Both of our computer scientists are currently completing their PhD work at UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, focusing on embedded systems, wearables, and low power sensors.